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Equipment List



Akai DPS16 24 Bit 96Hz
250 tracks
Full on-board FX and 40GB hard drive
Yamaha CDRW6416SX External Burner


Behringer Eurorack MX3242X
Got rid of my Mackie for this one and I don’t regret it.


Edirol M10D Nearfield digital monitors
Oz Audio Qmix HM-6 Headphone Matrix Amp
4 – AKG K- 44 Headphones
7 – Misc. Headphone Brands


1- AKG C3000 Original model. Condenser studio mic with 2 polar patterns. These are very sought after mics.
2 – Nady SCM1000 Condenser studio mics. Dual diaphram with 3 polar patterns.
2 – CAD C195 hand held condenser studio or live mics.
2 – Real Shure SM57
1 – SHS OM-50
5 – Tri-pod mic stands with boom extensions

Outboard Rack Gear

Tube Works Power Line Conditioner
Behringer MDX2600 Composer Pro-XL
2 – DBX 266xl Compressor/Limiter/Gate
DigiTech Studio S100 Dual Engine FX Processors
MidiMan Flying Calf 24 Bit S/PDIF 2 channel A/D Converter
4 – Horizon Straightline Direct Box
1 – Horizon Stereoline Direct Box
2 – Rolls Matchbox Direct Box
4 – Behringer DI20 Ultra DI 2-Channel Active DI Box/Splitter

Just some overall shots

I thought this was a cool shot.

This may not look like much of a studio, but I can assure you that it is. I have all the tools needed to record and master a commercial quality CD.


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